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Aqeedah - Beliefs

Posted by Bob Rock

As salaamu alaikum warahma tullah hi wa barakaatu to eveyone!

As the topic states I will address the basic beliefs of a muslim, which are the 5 Pillars of Islam. These 5 pillars are the basic beliefs to which it expands in detail. I will get into each pillar seperately.

1. To believe in one God and to believe in Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wassallam - my peace and blessings be upon him) is his final messenger.
2. To perform the 5 daily Salaah - prayer.
3. To fast in the month of Ramadaan - This is the Islamic month of fasting.
4. To give Zakaah - prescribed charity
5. To perform Hajj - Holy Pilgrimage atleast once in your lifetime.

This makes up part of the core of ones Aqeedah - belief. Our belief system goes into much further detail which i assure i will get into. For the moment I will briefly explain each of the 5 Pillars so that you may understand it. There is so much to write and to learn on each of these pillars but i want you to understand each item without confusing you.

1. To believe in One Allah and to believe in Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wassallam - may peace and blessings be upon him) is his final messenger.

This first pillar of Islam is a translation of the first Kalima. One cannot be a muslim if he/she does not accept this fact.

2. To perform the 5 daily Salaah

The 5 daily prayers where established during the time of our Noble Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alihi wassallam) These prayers are a direct commandment from Allah and must be adhered to strictly. The times for each of the prayers change each day b a few minutes but there are perpetual timetables to help us with that. The Azaan - call to prayer reminds each muslim that the time for prayer and that we should head out to to the Musjid or Mosque - place of worship. The five prayers are as follos...
1. Fajr - Morning prayer this is a little before sunrise.
2. Zohr - This prayer is just before Midday. Before the sun is at its highest point.
3. Asr - This is an afternoon prayer about halfway through to sunset
4. Magribh - This is the prayer just after the point the sunsets.
5. Esha - this is an evening prayer.

There are three points in the day where we are forbidden to pray and they are...
1. when the sun is rising
2. When the sun is at highest point.
3. When the sun is setting.

3. To fast in the Month of Ramadaan

To fast in the month of Ramadaan is one of the most important things in a muslims life. The Month is so special due to a number of importants facts which have occured in Islamic History. This is the month in which our Holy Quraan - The holy book of the Muslims was revealed to or Holy Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wassallam). The significance of fasting in the month of Ramadaan is to teach eah of self restraint. To teach us to be kind to others less fortunate and to think of those who have nothing to eat themselves. It is stated in the Holy Quraan that (this goes along the lines of) "...Fasting has been presribed to you as it was presirbed to those before so that you may learn self restraint...". When we fast we wake up early, even before the time of Fajr to eat a small meal to prepare for the day of fasting. There is no time limit to eat but we must be finished before the Azaan for the Fajr prayer atleast 15min to 20 mins before this Azaan is best. During the day no consumption of food or water takes plac...not a single drop. The time for breaking the fast is at the time of Magribh, so when the Azaan is sounded we breakfast with a cup of water and a date. This is the practice of our Noble Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wassallam). The nigh and day is filled with prayer and recitation f the Holy Quraan.

4. To give Zakaah

Zakaah has been prescribed on every invidual who has accumulated wealth for an entire year. For example if one has a certain amont of money for a hwole then that person has to pay Zakaah on that amount. The amount for Zakaah is 2.5%. There is alot of technical issues regarding Zakaah, which items are considered for Zakaah which are exempt. Your jewellry is considered for Zakaah and this must be payed. Zakaah doesnt neccassarily have to be paid at one time BUT the amount for Zakaah must be paid within the year. I will domor research and dedicate a pst to this subject.

5. To perfrom Hajj

It is incumbent on every muslim man and women to go for Hajj atleast once in his or her lifetime if one can afford to do so. The pilgrimage to the Holy land of Makkah - Mecca as it is commonly known takes place in the Month of Zil Hajj. This is also the last month in the Islamic Calender. The are cetain act which ar compulsory to perform when performing the pilgrimage. One distinct feature of Hajj is the putting on of the Ihraam - this is white piece of clothe which is wrappe arond the body. Once a person adorns this Ihraam one cannot tell a rich man from a poor man. This is to remind people that in this world the wealth and status mean nothing to Allah except the condition of hearts and our piety.

That covers the 5 Pillars of Islam. If i have made any errors pleae forgive me and let me know and i will endeavour to correct it. Please be sure to leave your comments and come back for more posts. I will be covering Aqeedah some more ina few more posts so be sure to check in.

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Posted by Bob Rock

Dear Friends

I greet you with the arabic greeting As salaamu alaikum Warahmathullah hi wa barkaatu!! Translation - peace, mercy and blessings of Alimighty Allah be upon you.

Bismillah hir rahmaan nir rahim..Translation - In the name of God the most beneficient, the most merciful..

This blog is to educate and to clarify peoples misconceptions of Islam. I will be posting up topics relating to al facets of Islam from the very basic to the very deep. I will also be answering all of your questions if i can Insha allah translation - God willing.

I felt it my duty as muslim to do somethin like this,to try and spread the message of Islam as well. All around us we find that there is a serious lack of morals, manners and respect. More and more people are slowly turning away from God Almighty be it muslim, christian, hindu etc..The idea of this blog as well is to show people of other faiths the beauty that is Islam, to encourage them to understand Islam and also to refresh the faith of fellow muslims.

Once again please feel free to leave your comments and questions aswell and i will do my best to answer them factually.